Botswana's Social Network welcomes you to the best african social network for Botswana. Welcome to Botswana's Social Network powered by Mivasocial. the largest social network for Botswana and all of the people of Botswana and the Diaspora. Mivasocial Botswana is the social network of Botswana . An african country social network powered by Mivasocial. Botswana Social Network. Batswana - Motswana Social Network | Social Network of Botswana | Meet a Motswana MivaSocial Botswana is the best web platform, media and social network for Botswana. Mivasocial The largest collection of applications and websites to meet the needs of African people everywhere!

The Social network of Botswana . Join the Batswana - Motswana Social Network | Social Network of Botswana | Meet a Motswana

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  • Connect Meet & Chat together.
  • Follow African events in realtime.
  • Share your Photos, Videos, Music & activities.
  • Unite with others based on common interests.
  • Access useful apps that respond to real african issues.
  • Collaborate through concret actions on the ground.
  • Promote yourself and your enterprise.

Welcome to the Mivasocial Network of Botswana . Embrace our country & our dear Africa!

Let's take our future in our own hands.
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